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PREGGY - From Fetus To Family 

Preggy is a millennial-exclusive brand that is focused on the mental and physical needs of expectant mothers.

The brand provides a range of products for the mothers-to-be, enabling them to focus on the blissful journey towards motherhood.
Pregnancy gifting is the most trending topic now- the concept is inventively introduced with a noble thought and
vision to offer moms-to-be a delightful experience, one that will remain etched in their mind as they take a new voyage ahead.
Witness a concept unlocked to make Pregnancy a beautiful phase full of cherish-able memories!



Preggy is a visionary venture, maternity product store exclusively for working Mothers focusing on the mental and physical well-being of millennial expectant Mothers. We offer them a comprehensive solution throughout their journey to save their time and effort, making it a blissful experience



Box Delivery
We Remember

Exhilaration Delivered

We promise to deliver happiness at the mommy-to-be’s doorstep, just at the perfect time. She will never forget you for this sweet little gesture and surprise.
Happiness is the key to the great health of both Mommy-to-be and the child. We at Preggy proliferate your happiness in multiple folds not just by delivering happiness at your doorstep but by creating spurts of happiness
through and through.
Each passing day goes easy on nesting; allow them to pamper themselves like never before, and experience one of the most memorable stages of her life.

We Understand

Uniquely curated

The products are cute, special & so unique that you would not want to miss giving out hamper to the mom-to-be! Each product is specially curated keeping in mind the mom’s ongoing
Our products are unique, exclusive, and awesomely adorable, one that you would love to gift. Each of these Pamper Hampers is carefully selected and curated to create memories for Mom-to-be in their trimesters.
Presenting them a hamper would mean gifting them unique moments to reinvent each moment; capture memories and feel at the top of the world. The feeling that mommy’s experience now will transcend the stress that is natural now!

Expecting Couple
We Care

Feel Delighted

We promise you that anyone who is at the receiving end will be aww struck by the fancy products and you yourself will feel after pampering the mommy to be with something hatke.
Along with joy and happiness, a Mommy-to-be loves the "special" moment which we help you create for her wrapped with love and compassion. She feels pampered and enjoys the journey to motherhood. She will hold back kind-heartedness, care, and the “special moment” you will create.In whatever she does, a soft touch, a warm wish will help her feel good, relaxed, and in a positive frame of mind –which is important as well as healthy for both.


No other online store would provide you with the options Preggy does for Moms-to-be. Be it the delivery hamper
or congratulatory hamper – you find exactly what you want. The lumbar back support proved to be the best buy
during my 2nd and 3rd trimester. 

- Dr.Janani, Gynaecologist, Chennai

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